I am retired from the Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector after 34 plus years of software design, manufacturing and field quality.

  My home is in Tempe, Arizona and I have been a "Ham" since 1992. I am a "CODED" Extra Class operator and have held call signs of KB9IFY, N9SJN, KI7TP and AB7BB before this call.

  One of the major activities of this hobby is talking to people in foreign countries or as we call
it , "working DX". DX means long distance contacts.

  My station consists of  Icom 756 Pro III and Icom 756 HF transceivers, an Ameritron AL-80B amplifier and a SignaLink USB driven by Ham Radio Deluxe. DM780 is the software used for PSK and RTTY. The computer system is a Dell 530 Inspiron @ 2.8 GHZ , 3 GB ram and 1.2 TB total disk drive capacity. The antenna is a Mosley Pro-57B at 50ft. on 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meters with a Yaesu G-800SDX rotator. A Butternut vertical is used for 30, 40 and 80 meters.

  I have worked
340 of the 340 current DXCC Entities and confirmed 340 having attained Mixed #1 Top of the Honor Roll, 5BDXCC with 12 & 17 meter endorsements, DXCC Challenge, DXCC on Phone, CW, and RTTY modes.

                                                Total Current DXCC Entities=340

                                            Worked and waiting for confirmation:

                                               The remaining entities I need are:

   My hobbies include flying, traveling in our motorhome (a 36'Holiday Rambler Diesel Pusher), fly fishing and of course being on the air. I hold a certified flight instructor rating for single engine land and instrument. Aircraft that  I've owned include a Piper Cherokee-180, Piper TriPacer 160, and a Bellanca Super Viking.
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