W6EL Propagation Prediction Parameters

Show Signal Levels by Hour-Short & Long Path

1-After clicking on the "Run Propagation Prediction" link and W6EL opens, enter your QTH's coordinates(You can get them from the QRZ site) Click for QRZ
2-Under the "Pedictions" pull down select "On Screen".
3-Move the cursor over to the Terminal B Prefix box and enter the DX location by selecting from the "Select from Atlas". Use the pulldown to find the enitity.
4-Enter the SFI and K Index values and click on "OK"
5-Click on Show Prediction
6-The chart displayed shows you signal levels at each hour of the day for your QTH to the DX you selected

Show Realtime Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF)
1-You can also display a realtime Maximum Usable Frequency from your QTH to any place in the world.
2-Close the prediction value window if it is displayed and Select "Frequency" from the "Maps" pulldown.
3-Enter the SFI and K Index values and click on "OK"
4-To have the MUF displayed in realtime select "Auto Update".